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2024 Officer Information

The 2024 Officer Nominating Committee would like to thank all the members that expressed interest in serving the GBAC as an officer for the 2024 year.  After multiple interviews and discussions, the committee presents the following slate for your consideration and approval at an upcoming meeting.


President - Mike Herron

Treasurer - Randy May

Secretary - Katie Hannigan

Donor Society and Membership - Mike Hammonds

Past President - Charles Hart

Communications Chair (non-officer position) - Adam McGee

The meeting to ratify this officer list is set to take place at Dread River Distilling (2400 7th Ave S. Birmingham, AL 35233) on December 21, 2023 at 5:30pm.  We recognize it’s a difficult time of year to have this meeting, but it’s important that all available board members attend so that we can approve this slate in a timely manner.

For those who do not know Mike, here is a brief introduction:

Mike Herron started his involvement with The Jefferson County Auburn Club in ’83. He and his uncle were involved in starting the golf tournament that originated in Gardendale, moved to Bent Brook and grew to full capacity with 40 teams. He served as president in ’96 and rewrote the bylaws and constitution in concert with Auburn to mirror AAA. He was also instrumental in the GBAC name change to include Shelby County. Professionally, Mike held a career in the Medical Device Implant Industry for 25 years and is currently working as a consultant with infectious disease labs after starting and owning his own business. Personally, Mike has three boys and a special needs daughter who is 19 and at Spain Park.

I know that Mike is looking forward to seeing each of you at Dread River on the 21st.

In addition to officer nominations, here are the new board member nominations along with the current members that have requested a two-year board extension or to move to the advisory board:


New Board Members:

Hakeem Lipscomb

Bobby Pickett


Paul Stephenson

Rachel Trowbridge

Betty Moulton


Kelsey Cardinal

Andre Boozer

Dan Chavez


Any questions can be directed to Past President Rob Thompson ( 


Thank you.

The 2024 Nominating Committee: 

Rob Thompson

Kelsey Cardinal

Randy Ham

Laurie Scogin

Paul Stephenson

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