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About Us

The Auburn Alumni Association welcomes all Auburn Alumni, friends and family of Auburn. You do not have to be an alumni of Auburn to join the association or our club. Regardless of membership, you are welcome to participate in any club event and come to our meetings. The Greater Birmingham Auburn Club hopes you will join us for local events with Auburn Alumni, friends and family to support Auburn. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to attend a meeting or for more information.


Mike Herron,
Randy May,
Katie Hannigan, Secretary -
Dylan Sutton, Donor Society & Membership Chair -
Charles Hart, Past President/Officer at

Adam McGee, Communications Chair-

2024 Club Officers

The heart of the GBAC is its Officer Committee and 20+ volunteer Board Members. New Board Members are nominated and inducted annually as existing Board Members complete their 4-year terms.


To learn more about joining our Board, please email

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